Scope Your Date
Know The Potential Of A Mate By The First Or Second Date
A Step By Step Guide On How To Conduct Your Own Background Checks
Why You Should Scope Your Date

You can have the love you want. You just need to love smarter not harder. You need to learn how to weed out liars, deceivers, scammers, criminals, sex offenders, and the worst deadbeat parents.

I realize 673,000 people a month search for "background checks" online in the US. But their searches produce outdated and missing information!

Don't make a potential life-changing decision based on bad and incomplete information that could affect your safety or the safety of your loved ones.

Protect your heart, body, time, and kids by accessing up-to-date information TODAY! I can show you how.

Here Are Reasons People Miss Important Information When It Comes To Online Background Checks :
  • Search engines are not able to find information stored in specific ways
  • Some online background checking companies have a large number of errors in their databases
  • Online background checking companies do NOT have the most up-to-date information
  • There are very few national databases available to the public
  • People don't know the best ways to make "hidden" pages on search engines pop to page one in their search results
  • People aren't aware some states recognize more than one type of marriage
  • Most do not realize ways to research an email address
  • People don't realize key factors in exploring their dates' criminal past
  • The Worst Deadbeat parents are not reviewed
  • People are not aware of the best ways to detect a romance scammer
  • Phone numbers are not being explored as deeply as they could and should be

It's great people are taking caution and leveraging background checks. But it's not ok that they (unknowingly) are making decisions based on incomplete, missing, and erroneous data.

To access the most up-to-date and complete information that can be hidden to search engines, learn the tips.

Love yourself enough to weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly candidates in the dating pool earlier in the dating cycle.

You deserve love!

Stop wasting time on losers and deceivers.

Take back control of your time, your emotions, and your finances.

Don't expose your children, friends, and parents to predators.

Position yourself to experience real love by avoiding damage caused by liars.

Get empowered! Learn how to Scope Your Date. Learn the potential of a mate by the 1st or 2nd date.

Love smarter, not harder. Win at love! Let me show you how to Scope Your Date where you conduct your own reliable and accurate background checks to determine the answer to questions like "Are they married?", "Is that their real name?", "Are they really that young?", "Are they a felon?", "Are they a sex offender?", and more!

You will grab a set of tools that you can re-use to better protect yourself, your loved ones, your time, your heart, your emotions, your energy, and your finances from scammers, deceivers, criminals, and the worst deadbeat parents.

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