Scope Your Date
Know The Potential Of A Mate By The First Or Second Date
A Step By Step Guide On How To Conduct Your Own Background Checks
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Tayarisha Joyce:
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    Tayarisha Joyce, a divorced, protective, single mother, has used her Scope Your Date techniques to avoid romance scammers, married men, sex offenders, violent offenders and more when it comes to dating.

    As a Texas A & M University graduate who has spent close to 20 years writing software programs and websites for organizations like NASA, Tayarisha Joyce knows how to leverage technology to help others be successful.

    As the Team Lead of Database Administrators for a large financial institution, Tayarisha Joyce knows the strengths and shortcomings of databases and the information contained inside of them. She knows how databases can become obsolete and contain erroneous information.

    She knows millions use search engines to scope a person's name. But people aren't aware of the shortcomings of search engines and some online background checking companies. She feels it is imperative you learn how to Scope Your Date!

    Tayarisha Joyce has leveraged the techniques to protect not only her kids, family, and friends, but also others including the elderly. Because of the Scope Your Date tools and techniques, Tayarisha Joyce has met several decent men and was able to avoid wasting time on losers.

    Tayarisha loves helping people determine the potential of their dates EARLIER in the dating process. She wants you to know there is no better time than now to use the technology we are already using in our everyday lives to make more informed decisions about the people we bring into our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

    Tayarisha believes we all can receive and give real love by allowing her to give you powerful tools and repeatable techniques to Scope Your Date today!

    The ebook can be read on any internet-accessible computer, smartphone, or device.

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