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Attacked On First Dates – Don’t Depend On Dating Sites To Conduct Background Checks – Do It Yourself

I can’t stress enough that it’s up to you to conduct background checks on people you consider dating. In this article, women have been raped, choked, and beaten from men they met online with previous histories of crime. There isn’t any law requiring dating sites to conduct background checks. Therefore, you must take full responsibility to do so.
With so many publicly accessible databases and websites, you can scope your date privately and at your leisure with any mobile device.

The first thing you should absolutely do when meeting anyone online is to conduct a Google Image search to determine if their pictures have been associated with scams.

If your date has lived in the United States, then you need to search the district clerk and county clerk websites in the places he/she lived. County clerks typically have information about marriage licenses, real property, assumed business names, and voter registration. District clerks have criminal records as well as information on divorces, and civil lawsuits.

At a minimum check the United States National Sex Offender Registry’s Database by typing your dates first and last name. Any matches in their database will be shown along with a picture and last known address.

The internet also has sites that provide mugshots of people who have been arrested. One such site is times you can search for a name on the site and check for any matching results. You then can click on the person’s name to get more details about their arrest. Just keep in mind that an arrest doesn’t necessarily mean the person is guilty of the charge. But it could prove helpful in gathering information about your date. Another similar site is The Mugshot Website.
Both sites allow you to narrow down your search by state and county.

There are many helpful databases scattered across the web. Our soon to be released free app will save you time in finding such scattered information and also provide access to additional free databases. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your date (or future date) as quickly as possible.

Check back periodically at for the release date of our game changing app.

Remember do something different. Scope Your Date!

Tayarisha Joyce

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Whether you date online or offline, deception happens. Not all background checking companies are created equally. Some databases contain erroneous, missing, or outdated information. No online dating site can guarantee your safety (even if they conduct background checks). Be your own advocate. Take control. Be prepared, yet have fun dating. Learn how to Scope Your Date with our Background Check Essentials For Dating