Background Check Essentials For Dating Ebook

Save time, money, and lives while dating by using our Background Check Essentials For Dating. You’ll learn how to quickly detect romance scammers. Discover the true and often free source of criminal background information. More importantly, learn how to find the most up to date criminal data. Uncover free marriage records, and learn the two types of marriages you need to search. Find up to date free divorce records. Weed out the worst deadbeat parents from your dating pool. Learn the value of tax appraisal districts and when to use online background checking companies.

Whether you date online or offline, deception happens. Not all background checking companies are created equally. Some databases contain erroneous, missing, or outdated information. No online dating site can guarantee your safety (even if they conduct background checks). Be your own advocate. Take control. Be prepared, yet have fun dating. Learn how to Scope Your Date with our Background Check Essentials For Dating

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