Attacked On First Dates – Don’t Depend On Dating Sites To Conduct Background Checks – Do It Yourself

I can’t stress enough that it’s up to you to conduct background checks on people you consider dating. In this article, women have been raped, choked, and beaten from men they met online with previous histories of crime. There isn’t any law requiring dating sites to conduct background checks. Therefore, you must take full responsibility to do so.
With so many publicly accessible databases and websites, you can scope your date privately and at your leisure with any mobile device.

The first thing you should absolutely do when meeting anyone online is to conduct a Google Image search to determine if their pictures have been associated with scams.

If your date has lived in the United States, then you need to search the district clerk and county clerk websites in the places he/she lived. County clerks typically have information about marriage licenses, real property, assumed business names, and voter registration. District clerks have criminal records as well as information on divorces, and civil lawsuits.

At a minimum check the United States National Sex Offender Registry’s Database by typing your dates first and last name. Any matches in their database will be shown along with a picture and last known address.

The internet also has sites that provide mugshots of people who have been arrested. One such site is times you can search for a name on the site and check for any matching results. You then can click on the person’s name to get more details about their arrest. Just keep in mind that an arrest doesn’t necessarily mean the person is guilty of the charge. But it could prove helpful in gathering information about your date. Another similar site is The Mugshot Website.
Both sites allow you to narrow down your search by state and county.

There are many helpful databases scattered across the web. Our soon to be released free app will save you time in finding such scattered information and also provide access to additional free databases. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your date (or future date) as quickly as possible.

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Remember do something different. Scope Your Date!

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Background Check Essentials For Dating Ebook

Save time, money, and lives while dating by using our Background Check Essentials For Dating. You’ll learn how to quickly detect romance scammers. Discover the true and often free source of criminal background information. More importantly, learn how to find the most up to date criminal data. Uncover free marriage records, and learn the two types of marriages you need to search. Find up to date free divorce records. Weed out the worst deadbeat parents from your dating pool. Learn the value of tax appraisal districts and when to use online background checking companies.

Whether you date online or offline, deception happens. Not all background checking companies are created equally. Some databases contain erroneous, missing, or outdated information. No online dating site can guarantee your safety (even if they conduct background checks). Be your own advocate. Take control. Be prepared, yet have fun dating. Learn how to Scope Your Date with our Background Check Essentials For Dating

Using Questions As Tools In Dating

I agree with this article on using questions to land dates.

But questions can also be used to avoid heartache, scams, and deception in dating. Don’t be afraid to ask upfront for:

  • Their full name (including their middle name). Many times we think to get their first and last name. But when googling their name or even searching county databases we may end up with too much information and information that has nothing to do with the person in question. So the more you can filter your search results, the more time you have to get to know this new person.

    If they ask why you want to know, you can let them know you were just curious. Or you can tell them you wanted to know if the name they gave you was their true first name or do people refer to them by their middle name. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to go by their middle name instead of their first. It also helps when you do the smart thing and at least google them.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for their email address either. Many times when you date online, people are quick to ask you to email them. This is a tactic many scammers use. But if they don’t offer their email, you can tell them you want to send them a funny video, an inspirational message, or an article you think they’d find interesting.

    Then once you have their email, be sure to plug it into all of the major search engines to see if anything negative turns up. You can also use it to search many social media sites.

  • Also don’t be afraid to ask them if their pictures are recent. If they say “Yes”, then follow up by asking “How recent are they?”. If they say “No”, then ask them to post more recent pictures.
    Once they have shared pictures on their profile, you can then do a google image search using their pictures. You’d be surprised by the results. This is also a technique to use to catch scammers.

The point is, by asking the right questions, you can better determine if you are truly interested in getting to know this person, and it can help you detect scammers earlier in the process.

Your time is short and so is life. Don’t waste it on losers.


Tayarisha Joyce

Reverse IP Address Lookups Are Not The Way To Detect Romance Scammers

I have heard people suggest looking up the IP Addresses in an email to detect a romance scammer.
This is not the best way because there are ways to disguise the origins of an email. Without getting too technical, a proxy server can be used to make an email appear to originate from the location a scammer claims to be when in actuality they are at a completely different location.

Instead, use the tips in the Scope Your Date ebook
that you’ll be able to read on any internet accessible device. I cover when to use different techniques to catch a romance scammer. Each dating scenario is different.

My techniques are not easily disguised by scammers.

You need to know when and how to catch these scammers. Get empowered

Scope Your Date Before It’s Too Late

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Beware Of The Sextortion Scam – Online Dating Tips

The IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) has received several reports of people on social media and dating sites being scammed into exposing themselves via online video chats where they are conducting sexually explicit activity. They may be asked to show their nude body via video, not knowing they are being secretly recorded.

Then the scammer threatens to show their sexually explicit videos/pictures to their friends and online contacts if the victim doesn’t send them money.

The IC3 says the scammers ask for money in the range of $50 -$500 to be wired to them (often overseas).

So be careful what you do and say with technology. It can be used against you.

If you want to learn how to turn technology into your favor and beat/catch these scammers at their own game, join Scope Your Date and get tips and tools that make a difference in your dating life.

Learn how to pick better dates and avoid wasting time on these scammers. Learn how to Scope Your Date before it’s too late!

Walking in love,

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Romance Scammer Of The Week 3-27-13- Is This Guy 39,47, or 52?

3/27/13: Yet another scammer claims to fear God. Yeah right. He fears God so much that he lies about his age and location. He is on at least 3 different sites claiming to be 39, 47, and 52 years old. He also claims to be in Los Angeles, California and Houston, Texas.

Make sure you don’t talk to anyone online with these words in their profiles

I am a loving , caring, romantic , easy going ,honest and hardworking kind of a guy who has the fear of God at heart .

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Always Scope Your Date!

It’s Never Too Late To Scope Your Date

Walking in love!
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