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Aim to prevent violence (or even death) while dating.

Use pictures to detect romance scammers

Quickly identify sex offenders

Check their deadbeat parent status

Scope marriage records

Review divorce records

Verify home ownership

In the palm of your hands is the power to combat crimes, protect yourself, make better decisions, and have fun!

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Do something different

Use our Background Check Helper App to Scope Your Date:

Instantly access the top free sites

Avoid incomplete, erroneous, out of date data.

Seach by their city/state or zip code
App Homescreen

For example, you can seach by the city "Houston, Texas"
Search by City and State or Zip Code

Choose from a category of websites/databases
Categories of Websites and Databases

Access National and State Level Sex Offender Registry Databases
List Of Sex Offender Registries For Houston

Example, Searchable National Sex Offender Registry Website
Nationanl Sex Offender Website

Deadbeat Parent Sites
Houston's Deadbeat Parent Sites

Example, Texas Deadbeat Parent Results
Actual Deadbeats In Texas

Federal Deadbeat Parent Results
Deadbeats According To The Federal Government

Here Are Other Helpful Tools (Videos and Books)

Here's How To Detect Romance Scammers From Their Photos

Here's Our "Background Check Essentials" Guide that walks you through steps to conduct a background check: